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November 14, 2003

Why are NRI techies returning home in droves?

Earlier, we used to encounter names like "Sean (Suresh) Narayanan" only in US magazines. Now, we come across such names in the Indian business media as well. Reason? The Non-Resident India (NRI) techies are heading back home. And how!

Both Businessworld and Business Today explored this phenomenon--in rather longish articles--recently.

"Take a walk around the India Development Centres (IDCs) of multinationals and you will run into H1-B workers, Green Card holders and Indian-born US citizens," says the Businessworld Cover Story. It places the number of returnees at 40,000 (since Sept. 11, 2001) qouting McKinsey and Nasscom estimates." Almost all companies that BW spoke to said their US-returned staff (ie, folks who had been in the US for three years or more) has increased from less than 5% of the total workforce about four years back to over 12% today.

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Click Here to read the Business Today article. (Subscription required)