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August 13, 2004

Kashmir says hello to call centers

Some enterprising folks in the troubled state of Kashmir have decided that would like to join other Indian states which are riding the boom in IT and BPO services to prosperity.

Quite a few newspapers in India and abroad (including the New York Times) gleefully picked up and published a Reuters report profiling Srinagar-based Magnum Software Services, which, has recruited 315 young Kashmiri men and women in recent weeks to provide transcription services for a client in Singapore. "Officials at Magnum said they hope to be an outsourcing pioneer in the troubled region where barely two years ago Internet and mobile phone services were barred because of fears separatist militants could use them to foment violence," the report said.

More strength to Magnum's founders. They are the kind of guy that will render Kasmir's Osama Bin Ladens jobless. When the number of well-paying jobs in a region increases, the Osamas will have to look elsewhere to find youth willing to do their dirty work.