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May 01, 2005

"The Swami of Enterprise Software"

SiliconValleyWatcher conducted a short interview with M.R. Rangaswami, co-founder of Sand Hill Group, on the sidelines of Software 2005, Sand Hill's annual enterprise software conference:

[On trends at the show…] The software-as-a-service sessions have been jam packed; that wasn’t the case last year. This makes me wonder if we’ve seen the last of the $1bn software company, whether any software company will ever again reach that level of revenues.

[On startups…] Greg Gianforte’s session on how to bootstrap your company was packed. Next door, the venture funding session was packed too! That is so very typical of Silicon Valley. About 50 percent of the people here at the conference are from startups.

Sand Hill's web site has recently been relaunched as an enterprise software e-zine.

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