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May 25, 2007

VC Market

The following companies are seeking capital for starting-up / expanding their operations:

07-03-14-1: Chennai-based entrepreneur seeks $1-5 million to launch India’s first online journalism school that will work as an online coach; train technical editors; and build India’s largest social media site for journalism students and professionals.

07-03-14-4: Chennai-based Indian language publishing firm - mostly non-fiction and some fiction - across multiple formats (books, audio books, CD-ROMs, Web, VCDs, DVDs etc.) seeks $1-5 million to expand its operations.

07-03-21-1: Chennai-based gourmet food supplier to high net-worth individuals and cos. seeks $1-5 million

07-03-21-2: Bangalore-based animation, gaming and mobile content developer seeks $1-5 million

07-03-21-3: Hyderabad-based Mobile Solutions firm seeks $1 million

07-04-04-1: Vizag-based provider of Energy Efficiency / energy saving projects for Industry, Power plants, Power distribution companies and municipal corporations seeks over $5 million. The company offers projects on Shared Savings Energy performance contracts. It invests funds for the identified Energy efficiency project and collects its money in installments form the actual savings achieved.

07-04-11-1: Mumbai-based Handicraft Exports company seeks seed funding to market and distribute handicraft products by artisans and craftsman from rural India.

07-04-18-1: Singapore-based interactive digital communications company seeks < $5 million to expand its operations.

07-04-18-2: San Francisco, CA-based On-Demand Sales Management software firm, focused on to Small Businesses and Telecom Companies, seeks < $1 million

07-04-18-3: Bangalore-based list marketing company focused on education market seeks < $10,000

07-04-25-1: Gurgaon-based chain of Paint-Your-Own-Pottery Cafe's, with stores in Gurgaon, Mumbai and Bangalore, seeks $1-5 million.

Chennai-based HR solutions and training firm seeks to raise <$100,000.

07-04-25-3: Chandigarh-based publisher of competitive exam prep magazine seeks to raise <$1 million.

07-04-25-4: Chandigarh-based provider of branding, promotions and marketing for Real Estate projects seeks <$10,000.

07-04-25-5: Mumbai-based provider of CRO services including Clinical Trials Management, Clinical Research Coordination for Principal Investigators, Training to Principal Investigators, Conducting QA & Audits on Trials seeks <$1 million.

07-05-02-1: US-based film producer seeks < $1 million for thriller feature film with an Indian connection.

07-05-02-2: Kolkata-based Facility Management and Contract Cleaning services firm seeks $1-5 million

07-05-02-3: Pune-based high-end IT Training and Staffing solution company seeks over $5 million.

07-05-16-5: Bangalore-based designer and manufacturer of furniture with turnover of $1 million during FY06 seeks to raise $1-5 million.

07-05-16-4: Madhya Pradesh-based manufacturer of bio-diesel and vegetable oils seeks Merger or Joint Venture.

07-05-16-3: Pune-based provider of web-based file sharing and backup software seeks to raise <$1 million.

07-05-16-2: Bangalore-based IT Services firm seeks $1-5 million for promoting its re-use asset meta-data repository software based on open standards (OMG RAS).

07-05-16-1: Gujarat-based real estate developer and construction contractor specializing in Western Indian cities like Mumbai, Pune, Ahemdabad, Surat, Valsad and Vapi seeks to raise $1-5 million.

07-05-23-1: Chennai-based visual simulation-base software products and services company specializing in aviation applications seeks to raise <$100,000.

07-05-23-2: Secunderabad-based publicly-listed software products and services company is seeking $1-5 million via the acquisition/joint venture route.

07-05-23-3: Guwahati-based supermarket retail company is seeking <$1 million for expansion.

07-05-23-4: Bangalore-based maker of nanomaterials and nanotech-based applications seeks $1-5 million.

07-05-23-5: Chennai-based Shipping & Logistics company seeks to raise $1-5 million.

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