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September 03, 2006

Infosys' "Think Flat" corporate blog

IT outsourcing giant Infosys has launched a blog titled Think Flat at with a opening post by CEO Nandan Nilekani (which has attracted 26 comments as of now).
At Infosys, we have had the privilege of looking at these changes from a very different perspective – from the other side of the world. And, we would agree with much of what (Tom Friedman) says (in "World is Flat"), though we respectfully disagree on some points. This conversation, then, is about the Infosys perspective on what we believe companies must do to compete (and win) in the changing world.

We call our perspective “Think Flat”, because we believe this change is as much about changing the business mind-set as it is about changing our strategies and operations. Businesses that can quickly grasp the impact of the changing business world and respond to its threats and harness its opportunities are the ones that will succeed.
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