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Legal Capsule by LexCounsel

GLOBAL TAKE-DOWN OF DEFAMATORY CONTENT BY ONLINE PLATFORMS An intense international debate is on relating to merits of global blocking of offensive and defamatory content including any URLs/web links/videos uploaded from global domains by online platforms such as Facebook Inc., Google Inc., YouTube LLC, Google Plus, Twitter etc. (the “ Online Platforms ”). This interesting issue was recently considered in detail by the Hon’ble Delhi High Court in the matter of  Swami Ramdev and Anr. vs. Facebook, Inc. and Ors. [CS(OS) 27/2019] . Facts of the Case :  The petitioner Swami Ramdev approached the Delhi High Court to  inter alia  seek a permanent and mandatory injunction against the Online Platforms for disseminating various defamatory remarks and information including videos, based on a book titled “ Godman to Tycoon – The Untold Story of Baba Ramdev ”. Though an interim order was granted by the Delhi High Court on January 24, 2019, directing removal of the offending URL and web

Hedge Funds are losing out to Private Equity

An article by Institutional Investor  covers an EY's 2019 Global Alternative Fund Survey on institutional investors moving allocation from Hedge Funds to Private Equity. Snapshots from the article are below: In 2019, hedge funds made up 33 percent of institutional investors’ allocations to alternatives. That’s a 7 percentage point drop from 2018, according to EY’s 2019 global alternative fund survey released Wednesday. Private equity was the big winner, growing to 25 percent of investors’ alternatives bet from 18 percent the year before, EY reported. Alternatives as a whole made up a quarter of investors’ portfolios, up slightly from 24 percent last year. We’ve seen that hedge fund offerings have been challenged on a number of fronts. Your long-only and long-short equity managers are continuing to face pressure from ETFs and institutional investors that can do that on their own, Ryan Munson, a partner in EY’s asset and wealth management practice and an author of the report, s

Considering Litigation in India | Part II: Legal Capsule by Veyrah Law

Considering Litigation in India | Part II - Know yourself and your opponent before picking a fight! This article is in continuation of the  earlier article  where we outlined the challenges associated with pursuing a litigation in India. As highlighted in our  earlier article , litigating in India can be a time consuming and relatively expensive affair. Anyone planning to engage in commercial litigation in India should utilize litigation only as a means to achieve a desired settlement. In this context, one should be mindful of certain factors that may determine the strategy to achieve the desired settlement. These become more relevant for mid-market businesses, given the constraints on capital and man-power at their disposal. Some important aspects for anyone to consider before engaging in a litigation are as follows: What is your capacity to litigate? Understanding one’s capability and exploring options accordingly may seem to be a simple and logical approach. But, this is