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PE-VC Investments drop 57% month-on-month to less than $1 Billion in Feb 2023; Exits drop by a third

Private Equity-Venture Capital (PE-VC) investments in Indian companies dipped to less than $1 Billion ($900 million across 45 transactions) during the Month of February 2023 , shows data from  Venture Intelligence , a research service focused on private company financials, transactions, and their valuations. The deal value represents a 57% decline compared to the immediate previous month (which saw $2.1 Billion being invested across 76 deals)  and an over 85% decline from February 2022 (which saw $6.3 Billion being invested across 127 deals). (Note: These figures include Venture Capital type investments, but exclude PE investments in Real Estate).  The latest monthly figures take the total PE-VC investments during 2023 to $3 Billion (across 121 deals) PE-VC Investments in India Period No. of Deals Amount ($B) 2023 YTD* 121 3.0 2022 1271 46.6 Feb/2023 45 0.9 Jan/2023 76 2.1 Feb/2022 127 6.3 Source: Venture Intelligence Note:* Data as of February 28,2023 PE-VC Investments in India (M-o-M

Legal Capsule by Lex Counsel

  MCA Extends Time for e-Form Filings and Allows Physical Filing of Certain Forms for Interim Period Introduction Since the transition of MCA-21 portal from Version 2 (V2) to Version 3 (V3), companies have been facing several glitches on the online portal impacting their reporting compliances. Considering the technical issues due to migration on the MCA-21 portal causing delay in filing of time-bound forms, MCA has released circulars which will bring some relief to the stakeholders. Extension of Time: General Circular No. 04/2023 (i) The Ministry of Corporate Affairs (“ MCA ”) through its General Circular No. 04/2023, dated February 21, 2023, has extended the deadline for filing of 45 (forty-five) Company e-forms launched with effect from January 23, 2023 (due for filing between February 7, 2023, and February 28, 2023) until March 31, 2023, at no additional cost ( refer to our earlier update here (ii) on the launch of upgraded company e-forms ). This extension of timeline by the MCA is