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RIL Group deals account for 45% of $26.8 B PE-VC investments in 2020; Q3 witnesses 48% fall

Press Release:  Private Equity - Venture Capital (PE-VC) firms invested $26.8 Billion (across 547 deals) in the first 9 months of 2020, shows data from  Venture Intelligence , a research service focused on private company financials, transactions and their valuations. The $12.1 Billion* invested by global private equity and sovereign wealth funds in Reliance Industries’ Jio Platforms ($9.9 Billion) and Reliance Retail ($2.3 Billion) accounted for 45% of the total PE-VC investment value in 2020. (*This figure excludes the $10.2 Billion in strategic investments by Silicon Valley tech giants Google and Facebook). The Reliance deals have managed to arrest the overall decline in PE-VC investment figures in 2020 to a marginal 2%, c ompared to $27.4 Billion (across 750 deals) in  the first nine months  of 2019.   (Note: These figures include Venture Capital investments, but exclude PE investments in Real Estate).  With the mega investments in Reliance Jio coming to a pause, PE-VC investments

"Niche Consumer Brands Gaining Momentum Post Lockdowns"

Mint has a feature, quoting growth figures from startups like Mamaearth and BoAT, on how some niche FMCG brands are gaining favor among consumers and also investors, post the Covid lockdowns.  Since June, Saama’s Lilani has begun to evaluate at least one new consumer brand investment every day. “Let me put it this way: in April, a down round was the best-case scenario for consumer brand startups; now, it’s the worst-case scenario for many," he said.  ...That these companies are not only growing rapidly but doing so with higher net margins is helping their cause at a time when investors are demanding better unit economics at startups. Last year, consumer brand startups received $295 million in capital, up from $158 million in 2018, according to data with Venture Intelligence. There are some common themes that are allowing startup brands to thrive. One, they were all relatively well-established in their categories even before the pandemic. Then, their products have now become espec

Venture Intelligence recognizes Advisory Firms Supporting PE-VC Transactions

Each year, the Venture Intelligence Awards for Private Equity Excellence (APEX Awards) celebrate the best performing Private Equity & Venture Capital investors in India. It is also clear that the award winning funds as well as other PE-VC investors cannot perform at their best without the key supporting roles played by a host of service providers - including Investment Banks, Corporate Law Firms and other Advisory Firms. Venture Intelligence is pleased to acknowledge  the high value added played by the following Advisory Firms towards completing land PE-VC transactions during the last year: Most Active Startup focused Law Firm - Burgeon Law    Most Active Education focused Transaction Advisor  of the Year - DC Advisory Most Active Healthcare & Life Sciences f ocused  Transaction Advisor  of the Year - Advay Capital Most Active Technology focused Transaction Advisor of the Year - Avendus Capital Debutant Investment Advisor of the Year -  iDrive Capital Debutant Legal Advisor o