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Series A investors setting high bar for quality: Venture Intelligence study

Press Release Less than 1 in 3 startups that attract seed funding manage to raise follow-on funding in the form of a “Series A” round, a study by Venture Intelligence, the leading provider of data on private company financials, transactions and their valuations, shows.  Out of the over 2,500 startups that had raised seed funding between 2015-2022, only 29% (i.e., 734 companies) managed to raise a Series A round (typically the first round of institutional Venture Capital funding), the study titled “Series A Landscape Report” found. However, once a startup attracts a Series A round, its success ratio in raising subsequent rounds of capital, improves quite significantly. For instance, 50% of the companies that raised a Series A during the study period, succeeded in raising a Series B round. And, of the startups that attracted a Series B round, 62% succeeded in obtaining a Series C round. Of the Series C funded companies, 70% managed to raise rounds that were Series D and beyond. (Note: Th