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What does Lee Fixel of Tiger Global know about India that local VCs don't?

Lee Fixel, Partner & Head of Venture Capital Riding on its early and aggressive bets in the E-Commerce segment, New York-based Tiger Global Management currently enjoys a “lion’s share” of the mindshare in the Indian Venture Capital ecosystem. At the Venture Intelligence APEX’15 PE/VC Summit in March, one VC speaker candidly admitted: “ If there is one foreign investor who knows the Indian Internet & Mobile landscape better than us locals, it’s him” (meaning Lee Fixel , the head of Tiger’s VC operations) . A mid-market Private Equity investor wistfully remarked: “ While we will never be good at it as the Tigers of the world, we really need to figure out this E-Commerce thing - if we are to produce supernormal returns for our investors ”. Sharad Sharma, Angel Investor & Co-Founder iSPIRIT writes in the Economic Times : "Unfortunately, due to just one individual - Lee Fixel of Tiger Global - Flipkart has gone from being a poster child to being the single