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Inventus, Sixth Sense, Blume & Norwest win Apex'20 Venture Capital Awards

Inventus Capital Partners, Sixth Sense Ventures, Blume Ventures and Norwest Venture Partners were voted the top Venture Capital investors in India during 2019. The Venture Intelligence “Awards for Private Equity Excellence” (APEX) is dedicated to celebrating the best that the Indian Private Equity & Venture Capital industry has to offer. Other 2019 winners in the VC segment included  Axilor Ventures which was voted   the  Accelerator of the Year for the second year running, 3one4 Capital (VC Fund Raise of the Year) and Innoven Capital (Venture Debt firm of the Year). The APEX Awardees are selected based on both Self Nomination by the participating PE-VC firms as well as "crowd sourced" nominations and voting from the Limited Partner, PE-VC and advisory communities. (The main criteria are Exit Track Record, New Fund Raises & Follow-on Funding Rounds for Portfolio Companies).    " It is an honour to be recognised by entrepreneurs and investors as

Impact of Culture on M&A: Survey Report

Culturelytics-Venture Intelligence Survey Report Globally, mergers and acquisitions worth a total of more than $4 trillion take place every year. Studies show that more than 85% of these deals fail to create value, and in more than 30% of these, cultural misalignment is one of the key reasons cited. COVID-19 will almost certainly trigger a significant wave of consolidations and a big spike in M&A activity, as companies scramble to survive and win in a marketplace characterized by VUCA. These deals are likely to be more cross border control stake transactions. We already see China making big investments in Italy, and Japanese companies turning their attention away from China towards India. Culture has never been more important than now.  Key Findings: Great team vs Great Idea:                                                                         Nearly 67% of investors want to invest in an excellent team with a workable strategy/idea (would choose to combine an

Legal Capsule by Veyrah Law

COVID-19 Commercial Disputes: Litigate Rarely, Negotiate Mostly, But Settle Always! Have your customers defaulted on payments because of the COVID-19 crisis? Have your business partners avoided contractual obligations because of the lockdown? Are you a lessor who is being asked to waive lease rentals on your premises? Do you think your business is entitled to claim the benefit of a ‘force majeure’ or ‘frustration of contract’? Courtesy of the COVID-19 crisis, these and many more such questions seem to have become common in today’s business parlance. Many businesses are even considering legal action to enforce what they believe are their legitimate legal rights. Most businesses may have already reached out to advisors to understand the options for enforcement, the applicability of the principle of ‘force majeure’ or ‘frustration of contracts’ to their situation. However, this article is not about explaining the legal niceties around ‘force majeure’, ‘frustration of contr

Legal Capsule by Law Office of Madhavan Srivatsan

PREVENTIVE (LEGAL) MEASURES FOR A START-UP DURING AND POST LOCKDOWN Authors : Madhavan Srivatsan and Khizer A. Qureshi As we brace for exit from the second phase of the lockdown, it is imperative that a start-up entity  (“Start-Up(s)”) considers implementation of certain preventive measures from a legal perspective in  order to reduce/ mitigate the losses faced by it during the lockdown. These measures may be taken  either ‘during the lockdown’ or ‘post lockdown’. Whether these measures are taken ‘during the lockdown’ or ‘post lockdown’, will depend entirely  upon the nature of business of the Start-Up and its financial condition. It might be impossible to  suggest any straightjacket measures to be taken by the Start-Up in order to recover or minimize its  losses and position in the market which was prevailing prior to the advent of this mayhem. Surely, the  only sure shot means to recover will depend upon the sheer “will power” and determination of the  founders to recover