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PE-VC investments in Q3'22 fall 71% to $6.3 Billion

Press Release Private Equity-Venture Capital (PE-VC) firms invested $6.3 Billion (across 258 transactions)  in Indian companies during the quarter ended September 2022 (Q3'22) -  registering an 71% decline from the same period in 2021 (which saw $21.7 Billion being invested across 414 deals). The investment amount was also down about 52% compared to the immediate previous quarter (which saw $13.3 Billion being invested across 342 deals), shows data from  Venture Intelligence , a research service focused on private company financials, transactions, and their  valuations. (Note: These figures include Venture Capital type investments, but exclude PE investments in Real Estate). The latest quarter , which  marked four continuous quarters of decline in the investment value, takes the total PE-VC investments during 2022 to $36 Billion (across 1,016 deals) - down 26% compared to $45.4 Billion (across 949 deals) in the same period in 2021. Mega Deals

Legal Capsule by SAMVĀD: PARTNERS

THE NEW DIGITAL LENDING REGULATIONS-DECODING THE WAY FORWARD Authors: Vineetha MG, Partner ; Neha Mirajgaokar, Partner ; Pratik Patnaik, Principal Associate (I)        BACKGROUND The Reserve Bank of India (“ RBI ”) which regulates inter alia credit systems and markets in India has been considering the regulatory ecosystem around ‘digital lending [1] ’ (“ Digital Lending ”) for some time now. It had constituted a Working Group on ‘ digital lending including lending through online platforms and mobile apps ’ led by one of its executive directors, Mr. Jayant Kumar Dash (“ Working Group ”) which had submitted a set of recommendations to the RBI on November 21, 2021 (“ WG Report ”). The WG Report included a host of recommendations to the RBI and the central government vis-à-vis the required changes to the digital lending ecosystem. Now some of those recommendations have been accepted and the RBI has issued a press release on August 10, 2022 (“ Press Release ”). The Press Release co