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January 20, 2007

Localize and simplify: The Indian Web 2.0 mantra

The Telegraph has an article profiling Indian "Web 2.0" start-ups.
Exciting as all this is, the fact remains that most of these new websites are modelled on popular international formats or rely on providing an interesting mix of various features provided by different popular websites.

Take, one of the biggest in the Indian social networking space, that aims to provide integration across the popular youth interests: photos, music, videos and blogging. Given the popularity of existing international sites, the way to differentiate yourself is to go local with a vengeance, feels Navin Mittal of (backed by the team).

Indianising the content and making it simpler for a less sophisticated user-base are some of the tactics used by websites that have adapted global formats. Added features also help. Minglebox, for instance, plans to introduce something called MingleMobile to help users “blog from their mobile, upload photos from their camera phones and send announcements of blogs to their friends from wherever they are.”

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