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June 22, 2011

Profile of cricket gear firm Sanspaereils Greelands

From the Business Today profile of the 80+-year-old sports gear maker:
The company's revenues - split almost 50-50 between exports and domestic sales - are growing at an annual rate of 25 per cent and expected to close this financial year at Rs 80 crore, up from Rs 60 crore last year. The share of exports has steadily gone down. "The proportion of exports to domestic sales was 55:45 last year, and we are planning to reverse it this year," says Anand.

Buoyed by this growth, the company is planning to foray into uncharted territories now. "We will launch Maxxport, our sports-inspired apparel and footwear label by mid-March. The sports apparel and footwear market is growing at 20 to 30 per cent. A bigger market means bigger growth," says Anand, adding he expects Maxxport sales to touch Rs 15 crore by 2013. The year will also mark the debut of SG's own brand in the overseas markets - a move considered a little risky because its whitelabel overseas buyers may not want to deal with a potential competitor.

...The positioning will be value. "While the average price of a Reebok or a Nike product is about Rs 1200, a domestic brand costs around Rs 400," says the younger Anand. "We are entering a new category of sports apparel and footwear, offering products which are on a par with the international brands in terms of quality, but are about 20 to 25 per cent cheaper."

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