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Venture Intelligence recognizes Advisory Firms Supporting PE-VC Transactions

Each year, the Venture Intelligence Awards for Private Equity Excellence (APEX Awards) celebrate the best performing Private Equity & Venture Capital investors in India. It is also clear that the award winning funds as well as other PE-VC investors cannot perform at their best without the key supporting roles played by a host of service providers - including Investment Banks, Corporate Law Firms and other Advisory Firms. Venture Intelligence is pleased to acknowledge the high value added played by the following Advisory Firms towards completing land PE-VC transactions during the last year:
Most Active Startup focused Law Firm - Burgeon Law Most Active Education focused Transaction Advisor  of the Year - DC Advisory
Most Active Healthcare & Life Sciences focused Transaction Advisor  of the Year - Advay Capital
Most Active Technology focused Transaction Advisor of the Year - Avendus Capital
Debutant Investment Advisor of the Year - iDrive Capital Debutant Legal Advisor of the Year - S…