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March 20, 2006

Why Paramount Airways is targeting business travelers

Businessworld has an interview with M. Thiagarajan, the 29-year-old Managing Director of Coimbatore-based Paramount Airways, which caters to business travelers between the major metros and smaller cities.

Our target is corporate India. We are offering a powerful proposition to those who fly frequently and who need a far more comfortable flying environment as they fly almost once or twice a week.

Many companies in India have restrictions for business class travel for their employees. So, we have a value proposition for them. You fly business class and pay lower than economy prices. That’s what we are all about. Also, don’t forget, we don’t have as many seats to fill. So, if we are able to attract even a percentage of the traffic, our aircraft can be filled. And our market size is corporate India.
We have been flying for a few months, we are a zero debt airline and we are already cash positive. What more does one want?

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