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March 27, 2006

Will Nimbus buckle under its ambitious cricketing bid?

Business Today is skeptical whether Nimbus Communications, which raised $45 million from UK-based PE firm 3i last year, can manage to make money on its $612.18 million bid for the global television rights to Indian cricket (2006-10).
The general consensus is that it's going to be a tough ride for Nimbus. According to Modi's calculations, "Nimbus will have to generate around $700 million (Rs 3,150 crore) to break even"; that's because logistics and other expenses will add about $90 million (Rs 405 crore) to his costs. To earn a 20 per cent profit, he will have to generate another $140 million (Rs 630 crore). "On the face of it, the target does look daunting," says ICC's Stewart. "But Thawani might have something big up his sleeve," he adds.
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