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April 04, 2004

What exactly does July Systems do?

The July Meta-Service System (JMSS) is a 3G compliant service delivery platform that allows operators to rapidly deploy and deliver premium mobile data services, by tying together various entities in the operator ecosystem and making them extensible to third parties. JMSS is architected to flexibly manage multiple third parties, business models and relationships that are involved in the delivery of premium services

-- Introduction to "July's solution" at the July Systems' web site.

For a lay person, understanding the business model of Ashok Narasimhan and Rajesh Reddy co-founded July Systems, the Bangalore and Silicon Valley based wireless software start-up, can be quite a challenge.

Not any longer. A recent article in Businessworld magazine explains July's gameplan and challenges--with some nice examples thrown in--very well. And weaves the facts into a nice story that is easy to read. And understand.

Some extracts:

Unlike voice technology, which is now into the third generation, data services is still in its infancy..... For example, downloading Java games is a big business...But today only simple retailing of games is possible. The user downloads the game and pays a fixed amount for every download. Reddy and Narasimhan feel that the gaming market will explode if more sophisticated ways of selling the games are found. For example, what if the user was able to rent the game for a day, instead of buying it? What if he was allowed to gift it to two of his friends? Today's technology does not allow this flexibility...

..Every time carriers wanted to introduce a new service, say email or text messaging or image downloading, they had to buy a new piece of software. This was time-consuming and slow. Plus integrating all these pieces is expensive. July has built the fabric that stitches together these diverse pieces. So July has developed a software product - a service delivery platform - which will enable wireless carriers to create, run and manage data services - in ways they have not yet considered.

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