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May 09, 2004

Ram Shriram could make $600-M from Google IPO: Mercury News

Ram Shriram the former Netscape and executive who runs Sherpalo Ventures will make the maximum returns (in percentage terms) when Google goes public, according to a column by Matt Marshall in San Jose Mercury News.

Shriram was an angel investor in Google and is a part of the company's 6 member board.

"We don't know exactly how much he invested, but we do know he invested in part of a $1 million seed round pledged by four principal investors in 1998. Let's assume Shriram's investment was $300,000, give or take. Now his approximate 2 percent share of the company will be worth up to $600 million," the column says.

Marshall also points out that unlike venture funds KPCB and Sequoia Capital (which together own a 20% stake in Google for their $25 million investment), who need to share their bonanza with their investors, in Shriram's case "it's all his money".