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August 21, 2004

"Next wave of VC will target IP-based cos"

With the rapid maturing of the IT Services and BPO sectors, VCs - especially early-stage investors - will soon feel the need to spread their nets wider. Sanjay Anandaram, Managing Director of Indo-US cross-border VC fund JumpStartUp, feels these funds will now gravitate towards "Innovative Technology / Intellectual Property based product and services companies"

In an interesting presentation, which reflect his personal views, Anandaram highlights various factors catalyzing the emergence of IP-based companies in India. These include the availability of high-quality management talent (thanks to returning NRIs and the shifting of R&D units of MNCs and VC-backed Silicon Valley firms to India), the rapid growth in India's telecom sector, increasing access to other rapidly growing Asian markets, and emergence of a start-up culture in Engineering Schools like the IITs.

Anandaram provides examples of several exciting "born in India" start-ups focusing on IP - including some companies being incubated at the IITs.

Click Here to download the presentation.