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September 12, 2004

Wipro Vice-Chairman Vivek Paul profiled in San Jose Mercury News

Some extracts:

The 45-year-old Paul, a graduate of India's Birla Institute of Technology who earned a master's degree in business administration from the University of Massachusetts, is an unapologetic believer in the virtues of making U.S. companies more efficient through offshoring -- an activity that at the same time helps raise living standards in his impoverished homeland. But he also expresses compassion for the American workers who lose out in the bargain...

...Paul lives with his wife and three young children in Los Altos, working out of the company's U.S. sales office in San Carlos about a third of the time. He splits the rest of his time on the road managing Wipro's global operations and running the company out of its headquarters in Bangalore. Tall and trim, he is an inveterate jogger and swimmer who says he avoids playing golf with business associates...

...Paul concedes there are legitimate concerns fueling the backlash against offshoring. He bemoans the reports of U.S. technology workers who are forced to train their Indian contractor replacements before losing their jobs.``There were a couple of companies that did this `train your successor or we won't pay your termination benefits,' and I think they did a great disservice to the entire industry,'' he said, adding that to his knowledge, Wipro was never involved in such a case.

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