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February 04, 2005

Foreign Investment caps in other sectors

The Hindu also provided a roundup of the current status of foreign investment caps in other sectors:

Civil Aviation: for airlines, the current foreign direct investment (FDI) cap is 49 per cent. For airports, it is up to 100 per cent, though Government approval is required for FDI beyond 74 per cent.

Petroleum (other than refining): 100 per cent FDI allowed for exploration in small fields through competitive bidding, up to 60 per cent in unincorporated joint ventures and up to 51 per cent in incorporated joint ventures.

Coal & Lignite; Tea plantation; Drugs and pharma; Roads and highways; Hotels and tourism: 100 per cent FDI.

Print media: 26 per cent FDI in news and current affairs and 74 per cent FDI in other print media.

Power: 100 per cent FDI in transmission, generation, etc.

Banking: 49 per cent FDI.

Insurance: 26 per cent FDI.

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