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November 06, 2005

BlueRun Ventures' Vineet Buch launches blog

Vineet Buch, a Principal at BlueRun Ventures, has launched a blog titled Venture Explorer

Update: Buch recalls how he was hired away in March 2005 by BlueRun Ventures when the firm invested in Ojos (now, the online photo search technology company that he co-founded.
John Malloy at BlueRun asked me to join his firm and work with Ojos as an investor...

...Munjal Shah (Ojas Co-founder and CEO) and I sketched out a strategy for Ojos over a year ago, in terms of product, markets, hiring, burn rate, etc., etc.

...Ojos set up India operations two months after the US, everybody hired in India showed up for work and is still there, and the India team was productive on their second day on the job. (Those who know the Bangalore hiring climate today will be shocked to hear this).

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