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April 08, 2006

Azim Premji interview to Knowledge@Wharton

Knowledge@Wharton has an interview with Wipro's Azim Premji.
It's always an issue to differentiate Wipro and get closer to target companies like IBM and Accenture rather than companies like Infosys and TCS. We are trying to do this in two or three ways. Consider, for instance, our product engineering services business. I think we are trying to do it by way of the competencies we have built there, with specialized teams for telecom and embedded systems, which are focused on verticals. Scale is another differentiator. In the products engineering services business we are 10,000 people strong, which makes us the largest products engineering services company in the world on a third-party basis. It gives us a huge depth of competence.

Moreover, the business we do now is evolving to models where we take turnkey responsibility for deliverables such as the design of end products -- next generation products. We don't just make subsystems for customers or work as part of a project team. We are also trying to build similar skills in some of our other businesses. We use the competencies developed in practices like technology infrastructure as well as in enterprise platform implementation to differentiate ourselves from others.

Yet another area where we plan to differentiate ourselves more strongly than we have done in the past is the Wipro Quality System. This is an integration of SCI, CMM Level 5, Six Sigma and lean manufacturing, which we believe will take us to the next level of quality as compared to our global competition. We have already launched lean manufacturing in software last year. We have a pretty good hands-on feel for what we can expect from it, but we have to fine-tune it as we go along. I think we have a very solid platform.

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