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May 08, 2006

4-D movies arrive in India

Businessworld has an article on the "4-D" movie theatre at MCorpGlobal's Spice World mall in Noida.
So, what in the world is this fourth dimension to watching a movie? What special features does a 4D movie have that set it apart from a 3D movie ? Sensory experience — that is the fourth dimension this theatre adds to the movie-watching experience.

In 3D movies, things only seem to touch you. But in 4D films, sometimes they actually do. Weird as it sounds, this theatre packs enough tricks to surprise even the extremely blasé, at least the first time. Like 3D movies, here too, the camera’s view becomes your view. But in 4D films, you can also feel the lightning, rain, bumps, etc., shown in the course of the movie. For example, if there is a waterfall in a scene, you will feel the water spray on your face; or if the scene has a swarm of rats scurrying past people, you will actually feel their fur tickle your feet and ankles.

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