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January 06, 2007

"Our perspective has changed tremendounsly": VCs turned entrepreneurs

Mercury News has an article on VCs-turned-Internet entrepreneurs.
The biggest plus, say these Web entrepreneurs -- each of whom hopes as much as the next company founder to strike it rich -- is knowing what they'll do differently if they return to venture capital. ``I used to sit and nod and think I could fake my way through another meeting with someone,'' said the founder of the online advertising startup. ``As an entrepreneur, I now see you can instantly recognize who doesn't get it, or care.''

Conrad, who has raised $4 million for Sphere and whose investors include Kevin Compton and Doug MacKenzie of Kleiner Perkins, said he'll be more sensitive.

``I think they're will be a place and time when I'll be a VC again, and I'll remember the clueless things I did before,'' including asking a struggling entrepreneur to meet him at his expensive hotel during a cross-country trip, rather than drive to the startup.

``You don't have to be in the trenches with them, but a lot of entrepreneurs resent VCs because they think they're disconnected from reality. Now, I see why.''

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