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February 25, 2007

Will the $6-B Novelis buyout drag down Hindalco?

Announced as it was between the $10 billion plus Vodafone-Hutch and Tata-Corus deals, the Birla Group's $6 billion offer for Canada-based aluminium-rolled products maker Novelis has not received much attention. Businessworld however has a critical analysis of the deal.
There are two parts to the deal. First, Hindalco is to buy 100 per cent of Novelis equity at $44.93 per share. That adds up to almost $3.6 billion...With a debt-equity ratio of 7.23:1, (Novelis) can’t borrow any more. So, the Birlas were unable to do a leverage buyout. To buy the $3.6 billion worth of Novelis’s equity, Hindalco is now borrowing almost $2.85 billion (of the balance, $300 million is being raised as debt from group companies and $450 million is being mobilised from its cash reserves). “We estimate the interest costs on this $2.85 billion will be between Rs 700 crore-800 crore,” says Uberoi. That is almost a third of the Rs 2,500 crore net profit Hindalco may post in 2006-07. (It has reported a net profit of Rs 1,843 crore for the first three quarters of this year.)

...The second big concern is Novelis’s valuation. Analysts believe the Birlas are paying too high a price for a company that incurred a loss of $170 million for the nine months ended 30 September 2006. In its latest guidance, the Novelis management has indicated a loss of $240 million-285 million for the whole of 2006. Even in 2005, when Novelis had made a $90-million net profit, its share prices never crossed $30. So, why is Hindalco paying $44.93 a share for a loss-making company?

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