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May 12, 2007

Paco and Witco

V.P.Harris, Managing Director of Chennai-based speciality retailer Witco, sent me a note with some interesting takeaways and reactions to the recent presentation made by retail guru Paco Underhill in Bangalore.

Some Extracts:

Paco: Mirrors – For the younger generation the “mobile” is a fashion accessory and not just a communication device. They need mirrors to check out “the look”

Harris: At Witco, we have found even 40 + Maritian’s (Men) like to check out ‘’their look” with the new port folio in hand. So, mirrors are definitely not for clothing, footwear, cosmetics, jewellery alone.

Paco: Self-Service need not be for self-service stores alone. Almost any store can be designed for partial selfservice.

Harris: At Witco we have added shelf talkers, specs sheets, feature highlights, navigational aids – all in relatively small stores to address this. After all you cannot staff the store based on the needs of some 30 minutes a day when you may have customer’s out numbering the store team. So, this is an absolute necessessity for us!

Paco: How come Supermarket ailes are all of the same width? The very high traffic ones need to be wider.

A drug store increased sales by 18% by just handing over baskets to people who have more than two three items in hand.

Harris: Landmark book stores always do that for me! Many supermarkets, departmental stores do that here in India.
You can download the full article here

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