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June 09, 2007

Day in the Life of a VC

Dan Primack of PE Hub has posted an email (source unknown) describing the "hectic" day in the life of an US-based biotech VC.
5:45am - Alarm clock. Pick up Blackberry from nightstand, fire off an email to portfolio company CEO to demonstrate “round-the-clock” vigilance. Go back to sleep.

8:30am - Wake up. Decide whether to have breakfast in the kitchen, dining room, sunroom, veranda, or gazebo. Have “breakfast meeting” with Rex and Fido.

9:45am - Drop child off at nursery school. Banter with child’s teacher. Haha, that teacher doesn’t make in a year what I spent in Lanai over New Year’s. Wow. I haven’t been to Hawaii in three months. Call assistant, re: biotech conferences in Hawaii.

10:30am - Arrive at office, remark loudly that these breakfast meetings are killing you. It’s been ‘go, go, go’ all year. The pace is killing you. Makes you wish it was 2002 again.

10:45am - Call CEO of biotech portfolio company. Ask if he’s considered building a services component to add to his business.

Well, you the idea...

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