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June 17, 2007

TutorVista shows the way for positive PR on offshoring

Online tutoring service TutorVista has recently been featured in two US TV news shows - PBS Nightly business report and NBC's Today Show - which feature positive reviews of the "remote tutoring out of India" phenomenon.

The parts I liked best were the segments in the NBC show which show a black parent and a school official explain that their alternative to using a tutor from India is not to hire one at all. The local tutors are simply way too expensive for them.

Such good PR, that showcase actual end customers in the US saying positive things about the services they receive out of India, can go a long way in creating a buffer against local vested interests fanning anti-outsourcing "backlashes".

UPDATE: Now, The Economist has a profile of TutorVista Founder & CEO K.Ganesh as the person "keep an eye on..if you want to see where Indian outsourcing is going".

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