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June 20, 2007

VC Market

The following companies are seeking capital for starting-up / expanding their operations:
07-06-20-1: Gurgaon-based anti-piracy software firm seeks $1-5 M.

07-06-20-2: US-based Online Service for Discount Shopping in India-based online and offline stores seeks <$100,000. 07-06-20-3: Punjab-based company seeks >$5-M to set up Packaging and Marketing facilities to Food Processing Enterprises in Northern Bihar.

07-06-20-4: Delhi-based chain of multi-speciality dental clinics seeks $1-5 M for expansion.

07-05-20-5: Pune-based entrepreneur seeks <$100,000 for an online marketplace for editorial content that will serve as a mechanism for online content providers to capture advertising spend.
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