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July 09, 2007

Profile of "world's first live action video gaming" venture

Businessworld has a profile of US-based Pranay Chulet and his soon-to-be-released interactive video-based software game.
Everything in Latent Lava — the protagonists, actions, locations, accessories — is real, and not computer-generated graphical images. Except, of course, the bullets and the blood. It’s like a movie whose story flow is in your hands, and in which you play the invisible supercop. If you’re still wondering how you can control the actions of real actors, here’s how.

Let’s say you come upon a terrorist and think of five things that you (or the vigilante in the game) could do. Chances are Chulet has foreseen those five possibilities and shot each of those actions with his actors. What if he has thought of only four? Simple. You only get four choices. So, each scene and stage of the game has been shot with several different actions that its originator thinks you could take, and the story line moves based on your decisions.

...Zobyx, the Madison Avenue, New York City-based company, owned by Chulet casts 60 actors from 12 countries to give the game a global feel. He shoots multiple variations of each scene for multiple-choice play and gets game play programmed simultaneously. Most of the shooting is done in New York City and India. Sequences are shot in India in Old Delhi using Indian actors for Indian and Pakistani characters.

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