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August 20, 2007

Catering start-ups that are going places

Businessworld columnist Rashmi Bansal profiles two start-ups that are creating waves delivering quality lunches to office goers. Not unexpectedly, the article is titled "The New Age Dabbawalas".
Mom’s Kitchen’s USP is simple, no-frills food and ‘no repeats for 30 days’ — all at an affordable price. The service caters to a clearly defined segment — value conscious bachelors, students and the elderly. Meals cost Rs 30 each, with a Rs 25 budget option.

But just as it is with airlines, so it is with lunchrooms. Although there is a huge market for low cost carriers, a lucrative little segment still prefers business class. Take Calorie Care, India’s first customised, calorie counted meal service. At Rs 150 a meal, you get health food dressed up in a range of designer recipes, from various cuisines.

...Of course, Calorie Care is about more than weight management. While 20-25 per cent of the customers are looking to either shed some pounds or gain muscle, around 5 per cent have medical conditions like diabetes, which require special meals. But the majority simply want a balanced, healthy meal. Calorie Care’s core client base is the financial services sector — Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs and the like. “We’ve found success with well-paid professionals pressed for time, willing to pay for health and convenience,” says Calorie Care’s CEO Cyrus Driver. Currently, Calorie Care serves 300 individual customers in Mumbai, and a similar number of corporate lunches, which take the form of healthy buffets.

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