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August 06, 2007

Indian EIRs - and their VCs - strike it rich as Bladelogic pulls off IPO

Dev Ittycheria- and Vijay Manwani- co-founded BladeLogic, Inc., a Lexington, MA-based provider of data center automation software, pulled off a successful IPO in July even as Hewlett Packard announced an $1.6 billion acquisition of its rival - the Marc Andreessen founded Opsware.

This latest story of Indian-born entrepreneurs striking it rich in the US tech industry has multiplied their VC investors' money several fold. Early investor Bessemer Venture Partners' (BVP) total investment of $6.5 million for instance is now estimated to be worth $120 million.

Interestingly, both Ittycheria and Manwani were entrepreneurs-in-residence - the former at BVP and the latter at Battery Ventures - before founding BladeLogic. Ittycheria and Manwani had earlier worked together at Breakaway Solutions after the Internet consulting company had acquired their previous companies (Applica Corporation and Eggrock Partners respectively).

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