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February 02, 2008

Why Real Estate firms are bidding to become telcos

Businessworld has an interview with Unitech’s Managing Director Sanjay Chandra on this topic.

Q: In a sense, telecom is just like the real-estate business. You are capturing a fixed commodity (spectrum).
A: Yes (laughs). Instead of a land bank we are now managing an ‘air’ bank.

...Q: Are you planning to bid for wireless broadband?
A: We want to put our foot in the door and enter the business before we look at other options. I am sure we will look at that. We will look at 3G.

Q: Being successful with that will require real competence.
A: Yes, we are meeting lots of people and reading up. And it is still confusing. I think data is going to be big. CDMA is better for data. But India is seeing a GSM rush. Our services will be on GSM. We won’t be bidding for CDMA licences.

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