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July 06, 2008

2i Capital announces first close of its "Indian Enterprise Fund"

From Press Release

The 2i Capital Group announces the First Closing of its “Indian Enterprise Fund” at USD 60 million. The Fund is targeting to raise USD 200 million.

Vivek Sekhar, CEO of 2i Capital (India) Pvt. Ltd. said “2i Capital has been able to build strong deal flow based on its depth of relationships and long investment experience of its team”. He added that investee companies in India recognise that 2i Capital’s team members have added operational and strategic value to their companies over many years apart from being the first provider of equity capital in many cases. This goodwill along with the long-term investment insight of the team has contributed to 2i Capital’s success in creating deal flow as well as high investment returns.

2i Capital’s strategy is to invest in mid-size companies with strong management teams which are operating in high growth consumer or industrial markets. Vivek Sekhar said: “We identify companies that are in strong and growing sectors, which have stabilised their operations, have a good market share, growing margins, have competitive and defensible business models, and are now capable of a next phase of rapid growth.”

Sudhir Kamath, Managing Director, 2i Capital India Pvt Ltd said “at 2i Capital we are focussed on investing in best-in-class management teams running operationally strong companies, structuring investments much before the news is in the price, and creating timely exits.”

Since 2003, 2i Capital has invested USD 200 million in 17 companies across sectors with 35% of its investment in manufacturing & engineering, 27% in energy and infrastructure, 14% in telecom and technology, 13% in consumer & capital goods, and the rest in leisure & travel, logistics and supply.

About 2i Capital
2i Capital is a mid-stage, growth-oriented private equity fund with USD 200 million invested in companies in India. 2i Capital backs strong management teams and which are operating in high growth consumer or industrial markets.

2i Capital investors are long term international institutions including Fund of Funds, Banks, Corporations, and Family Offices. The fund and its portfolio companies are advised by an experienced investment team which has 60 years of cumulative investment experience and has invested across sectors and investment cycles since 1990. The investment team consists of Vivek Sekhar, Sudhir Kamath, and Shailesh Singh.