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September 11, 2008

Where would you like to go for your first job?

Angel investor Paul Kedrosky has sparked off a discussion on where-in -the-world an unencumbered 22-year-old American graduate
would like to for an exciting first job.
You want to be part of something big and dynamic, a truly dynamic economy where you're going to be able to rise up with it. The U.S. has long been that place, and maybe you think it no longer is -- or maybe you do. Whatever. Where in the world -- visas aside -- would you go?

I got that question the other day from a recent graduate, and I surprised myself with how quickly I could answer it. I knew immediately where I would go, hands down, with hardly a moment thinking about it. But how about you? Any city, any country, anywhere in the world. You're 22. Where would you go?

In the spirit of full disclosure, where would I go? Brazil. While I'm painfully aware of the many problems -- infrastructure, crime, capital, corruption, etc. -- that the country still has, I love the dynamism, growth, optimism (mostly -- see my trip notes for more), etc. And it doesn't hurt that the economic numbers are generally good too, with some exceptions.

Interestingly, there was a solitary vote for Bangalore and none for Singapore!
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