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November 18, 2009

Business Today profile of Financial Technologies

Business Today has a profile of Financial Technologies, which has recently set up a stock exchange, after making a mark with its commodities exchange MCX.
(Jignesh) Shah’s vision—as he sees it, arguably a bit grandiosely—is to become the Toyota or Sony or Microsoft of the financial ecosystem. Shah wants to make FT an international name by doing what Toyota, Sony and Microsoft have done: Provide the best products at attractive prices.

...Even through its stock exchange venture, FT plans to reach out to farflung areas. The plan is to take the battle to the leader, National Stock Exchange (NSE). The NSE had operating profit margins of almost 75 per cent and a net profit margin of 50 per cent for the year ended March 2008 (which is the latest data available).

Analysts say if the MCX Stock Exchange is able to cut charges by half, it will still make money even as it eats into the NSE’s share. Another plan for the equity exchange is to have an exchange for the SME segment. “Our plan is to add better technology and service at a better price,” says Joseph Massey, MD & CEO, MCX Stock Exchange. It also plans to leverage on the reach of MCX and its over 2,000 members (the NSE has over 1,000 members).

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