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November 27, 2009

The changing face of Nadathur Investments

Forbes India has a profile of Nadathur Investments, the decade-old investment firm started by Infosys co-founder N.S.Raghavan.
Raghavan’s two sons – Sriram Nadathur, 37, and Anand Nadathur, 35 – both left their careers in the US (Sriram in 2003, Anand in 2000) at their father’s calling, to join Nadathur Investments. Their plans include creating new entities and reshaping older ones. They are changing the way Nadathur Investments works. They have formed a separate entity Ojas Ventures that will invest in pure information technology investments and will work as a professional venture capital firm.

...Further, the new Nadathur Investments that will become a creator of synergistic ecosystems. Such firms used to be called incubators in the past. Nadathur will have mostly lifesciences and healthcare investments. “Anand and Sriram are literally becoming owners instead of investors. They are building physical assets for the group much like what Tatas did a 100 years back,” says Nitin Deshmukh, head, Kotak Private Equity.

As the new order takes over, the genteel and old-fashioned way of Nadathur Raghavan will disappear...There is an increased focus on exits, especially from companies where the brothers don’t see long-term value. “In three years, we will exit all the legacy investments, like Cades, that are not being managed by Sriram or Anand,” says Raghavan.

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