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October 25, 2010

Indian Private Investors Conference; Nov.12-13, 2010; Mumbai

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The Indian Private Investors Conference is a director level, interactive conference with speakers and panellists being industry leaders drawn from India and abroad. The speaker line up for this event boasts of some reputed and eminent professionals such as;

Anubha Shrivastava, Managing Director - Asia, CDC Group
Bharat Bakhshi, Partner, Jacob Ballas Capital India Pvt Ltd
Gautam Mehra, Executive Director, PricewaterhouseCoopers
Jasmin Patel, Managing Director, Fidelity Growth Partners - India
Manish Chhajed, Vice President, Reliance PE
Mritunjay Kapoor, Managing Director, Protiviti
Nakul Zaveri, Senior Investment Officer, Climate Change Capital
Pankaj Dutt, President, Welkin Partners
Percy Billimoria, Sr Partner, AZB Partners
Raj Pai, Managing Director, GEF Advisors India
Rajesh Begur, Managing Partner, ARA Law
Dr. Subir Gokarn, Deputy Governor, RBI*
Samir Inamdar, Founding Partner, Forum Synergy PE Fund
Sandeep Aneja, Managing Partner, Kaizen PE Fund
Suneet Maheshwari, CEO, L&T Infrastructure Finance
Usha Thorat, Deputy Governor, RBI*
Vijaydeep Singh, Director, Welkin Partners
Vivek Tandon, General Partner & Founder, Aloe Private Equity
*awaiting confirmations

These professionals will share their knowledge and industry experience accumulated over the years with the audience present at the event from 12th to 13th November’2010 at Vivanta by Taj - President, Cuffe Parade, Mumbai.

In short it can be categorically stated that IPIC 2010 is a high profile event that offers an experience wherein ideas, intelligence and relationships will be strategically leveraged to affect a notable difference to you and your customers’ business endeavours.

The global recession in the last two years had led to a major pull back by consumers throughout the world. Even the Indian consumer was not immune to this fallout. The retail funk fuelled by economic uncertainty contributed by rising unemployment and a general lack of confidence in any significant recovery in the foreseeable future. However, contrary to popular perception, the global risk capital allocation post global financial meltdown has changed significantly, owing to the wake of the industry & economy’s resilience and strength in managing through the crisis. This conference focuses on allocation trends and preferences of global and regional sector-agnostic and sector-focussed funds looking at investing in India through Indian private equity funds.

This conference focuses on allocation trends and preferences of global and regional sector-agnostic and sector-focussed funds looking at investing in India through Indian private equity funds. Through this conference the organizers aim to facilitate investors to:-
1. Know capital allocation trends and preferences
2. Meet global and regional investors
3. Understand sectors which are attracting capital providers
4. Understand sectoral trends in ‘HOT’ sectors
5. Understand valuation and structuring aspects

The premise of this conference is to facilitate top ranking officials from the private equity industry to assemble at a common ground to exchange information, share knowledge, network with their peers and also to discuss issues of critical concern that are being commonly faced by the industry on the whole. Through debate and discussion, the delegates will attempt to arrive at mutually beneficial solutions to common issues of critical concern. Some of the issues that are slated to be discussed during the event are:-

 Current macro economic factors affecting the industry
 Fund allocations to India post GFC
 Deal Flows, Exits & Deal Structuring
 Secondary Markets & its Liquidity
 Corporate Governance & Talent Management
 Discovering Sector Specific Opportunities in Education, Cleantech,
 Healthcare and Infrastructure
 Fund Structuring, Tax & Regulatory Issues

For further details regarding this exclusive conference you can visit conference website: or you may also write to us