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February 25, 2011

Snapshots: APEX'11 Summit; Feb 10, Mumbai

India's Premier Investor/Entrepreneur Interface

Raj Kondur of Ascent Capital speaking as part of the Inaugural Panel: "Private Equity: The Road Ahead"

Raj Kondur, Director, Ascent Capital, said that his firm looks forward to deploying $150 million in the next 18 months. Ascent is looking to invest in both companies that serve the Indian market as well as companies as that leverage India's strength to service the global market. While the long term India story remains powerful, we cannot take it for granted, Kondur said. In response to a question, Kondur said one of the key concerns of international investors in Indian PE/VC firms is the poor level of governance in the country.

The inaugural panel was followed by special panel discussions on the following sectors: Cleantech, Logistics and Real Estate.

Manish Saigal of KPMG speaking as part of the Logistics & Transportation Panel

Manish Saigal, Partner, KPMG, pointed out that over the last two years, those businesses which had service orientation to domestic trade demonstrated much higher resilience. Commenting on the infrastructure space, Saigal said that Indian ports operate at 90% to 150% utilization levels; average road carries 150% load; rail network on specific routes is congested to the extent of 250%. All these create significant downstream opportunities for players. He predicted that the introduction of Goods and Services Tax (GST) would transform the logistics industry.

Real Estate sector panel chair Jay Jegannathan of Abner Capital greets Prem Rajani of Rajani Associates (Right), as P. S. Jayakumar of VBHC watches on.

Prem Rajani, Managing Partner of law firm Rajani Associates, advised private equity investors to consider location, title and execution as the key factors for decisions. The regulatory framework poses real challenges for investors, he said, given the practice of governments to look at the sector for making up for revenue shortfalls. Explaining the attractiveness of SPVs for investors, Rajani said it is seen as ring fencing mechanism for income, and possibilities to mitigate the impact of failure. He warned that exits in this space are fraught with difficulties and advised promoters to commit to only what they can really deliver.

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