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October 29, 2011

Off Topic (Slightly): Impact of Financialisation

NPR's Planet Money has a very interesting podcast with Satyajit Das, a finance professional-turned-author, where he talks about the imbalances created by finance (and financial engineering) driving businesses, rather than the other way round. He provides a very graphic example from his career at an airline firm - which began to make more money by making bets on the price of oil than from transporting people (and hence became more of a Financial Institution than an airline). Das also talks about how finance getting into the driver's seat has led to too many bright young minds getting into this area (because the money is better, etc.) and how, one of the benefits of the great credit crunch of 2008/09, is taking some fizz out of finance.

You can listed to the podcast from here

Here is the link to the new book ("Extreme Money") by Das on this topic and more.

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