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March 01, 2015

A follow-on investor's take on Seed Capital sources in India

Sandhya Hegde of Khosla Impact has listed out the seed capital sources she likes in India and why. Extracts:
I have categorized them in 3 different groups — angel networks, fundraising platforms and seed funds. Over time, group 2 will eat group 1 (à la Angel List). 
...I am really excited about the potential of angellist-like platforms in India where startups are more geographically dispersed and it’s often harder to get meetings quickly for founders. Platforms are efficient, help standardize terms and give more power to entrepreneurs. We need some of that. I already see IAN members rapidly signing up on these sites☺ 
...Everyone’s doing seed investments at this point so nothing, apparently, is too early for institutional capital. Accel, SAIF, Kalari, IDG, Accel, Helion, Sequoia, Matrix, Nexus.. I begin to think even Tiger Global might make a seed investment in the right team given the exuberant environment in India. If you have their attention, you are winning.

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