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April 24, 2015

Capitulation! E-Commerce FOMO catches up with the Best of Indian PE/VC Funds

The discussions at Venture Intelligence APEX'15 PE/VC Summit demonstrated how the latest E-Commerce wave - including the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) factor - is challenging the convictions of some veteran PE/VC fund managers.

Veteran 1:
The key is to remain disciplined. Even if you have not managed to find a new investment opportunity for 24 months (because the valuations are unreasonable or whatever) and there is investor pressure to justify the fees they are paying you, it is important to back your conviction and not lose discipline.
Veteran 2:
Investments are a question of timing. I can keep investing in safe businesses that I understand well and continue to make steady returns. But the opportunity to make extraordinary returns comes only a few times and, as a fund manager, I'm paid to get those extraordinary returns. So, like it or not, I need to figure out how to get on to the E-Commerce bandwagon!
Come April, one of the leading VC firms in the country - which has very publicly stayed away from E-Commerce bets thus far -  seems to have completely capitulated. And is announcing hundreds of crores of investments in e-tailers each week.

A sizzling beginning to the summer indeed. Keep track of all the action via the Venture Intelligence Deal Digest Newsletters and PE/VC Deals Database.

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