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March 27, 2006

Is Novatium yet another Net PC/TV Co.?

Business Today has a profile of Chennai-based Novatium - co-founded by Indiaworld fame Rajesh Jain and IIT-Madras' Prof.Ashok Jhunjhunwala - which is creating sub-Rs.5,000 network-computing devices.

The big challenge before Novatium is to sell its concept to telecom companies and multi-service operators. But, company officials don't consider this a very daunting task. Says Alok Singh, CEO of Novatium Solutions: "Media centre PCs"-these enable seamless downloading of content from a TV to a computer-are coming into vogue. And telecom operators are looking for ways to provide video on demand through their existing networks." But media centre pcs cost at least Rs 35,000. There are also additional charges for this 'premium' service; and maintenance becomes a big issue. "The Nova Net pc and Nova Net TV offer all the features of a media centre pc but at far lower price points and, thus, guarantee service providers their revenues."

Arun Natarajan is the Founder of Venture Intelligence India, which tracks venture capital activity in India and Indian-founded companies worldwide. View sample issues of Venture Intelligence India newsletters and reports.