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January 23, 2013

Crucial Connect to Venture Capital & Private Equity Investors

Accelerators, Incubators, Angel Networks, Seed Funds, Early Stage VC  Funds, Growth Stage VC Funds, Mid Market PE Funds, Buyout Funds, Large/Global PE Funds…. the Indian PE/VC Investor Ecosystem is getting more and more stratified and specialized each year.

As a founder/promoter/senior representatives of a growth oriented company, its is crucial to remain updated on the developments in the investor ecosystem – at least once a year. Which is what the annual APEX PE/VC Summit & Awards (February 13, 2013 at Mumbai’s ITC Grand Central - Parel) provides you in one power packed day long event. Click Here to download the detailed Event Agenda.

APEX Showcase Manual
Is your company looking to raise capital right away? Apart from the power packed content and well planned networking opportunities at the event, participation at APEX'13 provides a unique opportunity to reach out your company's profile and funding requirements to ALL ACTIVE PE/VC FUNDS IN INDIA.
The APEX'13 Company Showcase manual, featuring your listing, will be handed over to the investors/advisors attending the event and, post event, also emailed to all active PE/VC firms, Seed Funds, Angel Investors, Incubators/Accelerators & Investment Banks.
To participate in APEX13 yourself / refer us to anyone else in your company / other organizations, please email us at We will then send you the corresponding registration form and payment options.